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A Short-Changed Opera

After tweaking and testing various elements of the content on this and a couple other pages in my site, I have discovered a consistency in when Opera’s cuts off content.

The design of this site evolved from Zeldman’s ALA site design, consisting of a main content div floated so that the sidebar div would drop down when the browser becomes too narrow for both. Then I added a fixed logo/navigation bar, using a wrapper div with a top margin to keep the content visible. Then I finally discovered earlier this month that I could use fixed positioning for the wrapper and not have the layout blow up in IE/Win, and set an overflow:auto on the wrapper div to keep everything visible (or so I thought).

Mozilla and Netscape get this just fine, but in determining the height of content in the div that needs to be scrolled, Opera considers only the height of the (non-floated) sidebar div, and then does not dynamically adjust itself when the (floated) main content div turns out to be taller than the sidebar.

I’ll do a little more checking this week, then fire off a note to the Opera developers.

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