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My LinkStation Live Killed my iPod Sync

Just a simple UI problem. Easy to forsee. Painful to experience.

I decided to turn on the LinkStation Live web sharing while synching my iPod for the first time with a new library. (Just 3600 songs at 320 kbps and 35ish GB.), so I could get to those songs at other places than home.

It would have been nice for the embedded web page to warn me that turning this on would temporarily interrupt the sharing of the folder over my home network. I would have waited a few hours to flip the switch.

Instead, I had to look up how to reset my iPod, because reconnecting it once the LinkStation was sharing again didn’t work. (Don’t get me started on that bizarre sequence.)

Just one little sentence included in an HTML page would have saved me a bunch of grief, more than a dozen minutes, and a few swear words.

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