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Layout Tweak

I’ve made one slight change to two lines of this site’s CSS code—changed the positioning method of the content from absolute to fixed and added overflow: auto; to the main content wrapper div. Somehow, I missed in my trials before that this would have the desired effect in both IE (which does not support fixed positioning) and Mozilla1.4/Netscape 7, which do support it. I needed to make this change because hyperlinks to specific items on a page were usually cut off by the fixed logo/navigation bar, due to my use of margin to make the content start below it.

I’m ecstatic about this improvement, but it has exposed a bug in the Opera browser—it must calculate the height of a div with overflow:auto before it has figured out how much content is actually there, so most of my blog is cut off. Tough break, but this is one reason Opera is on my “good browser” list instead of my “best browser” list.

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