Celebrating Blogger’s Anniversary by Switching to WordPress

OK, the dust has settled, and I have ported all of my content from the old static version of the site to the new WordPress-driven one. My hard-core standards compliance pages remain at a variation […]

Pardon the Dust—Switching from Blogger to WordPress

My long-term hate-hate relationship with Blogger is over. I never really fully bought into the concept anyway; I had simply found its ability to publish to a plain-text file that I then wove into my […]

WordPress on Time

I’ve gotten WordPress installed on CADjournal.com, and have started feeling out its feature set. One of the first things I watend to configure was the time and date format for posts. I’d like to have […]

WordPress: Omitting Needed Words

OK, so the installation instructions for WordPress appear to be too skimpy in one important area: How to set up a database. The documentation assumes that the blogger is already familiar with how (and why) […]

Using WordPress for a New Site

Although I have been very happy with Blogger for use on my PetesGuide and PushBack sites, up until now, I desperately need the ability to categorize posts, and the new pricing structure of Moveable Type […]

Egg Off the Wall

One of the main reasons I’m bringing this site alive again is because of my new job—editor of an online magazine—and the redesign we’re planning. Currently, just about every article on the site lives in […]

Yes, it’s an Image Map

Given that I’m such a standards zealot that I am debating to even support IE, it might surprise you to notice that the primary navigation on my site is an image map. Well, it’s true, […]

A Leap Apart

I’ve designed a new logo for the site, and cleaned up a bunch of little things. Finally, I think the site is presentable enough to start moving the old content over. I’m still wavering, however, […]

Fed Up & Starting Over

I’ve finally had it with browsers that don’t follow Web specifications—especially important ones that date from 1996 and whose broken implementation prevents what should be the most important aspect of the web. Device and browser […]

Iconic and Ironic

I’ve added a bunch of icons to the site. One is a “shortcut icon”, using the Windows XP icon file format, which allows for multiple icons of different sizes and color depths (including 32-bit true-color […]