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WordPress on Time

I’ve gotten WordPress installed on, and have started feeling out its feature set. One of the first things I watend to configure was the time and date format for posts. I’d like to have the time loosely formatted on the W3 date and time format (WC3DTF), but with my current time zone appended. WordPress allows me to specify the format, and automatically append the three-letter timezone tag, but in the configuration sample screen, it always appends “GMT” instead of “PST”. And why would it even mention GMT in the first place? If I were an astronomer, that might be OK, but the official time reference for all other things is (and has been since 1972) UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

I spent a good couple of hours debugging the problem, only to discover that when I looked at my actual blog entries, they indeed had “PST” correctly appended to the timestamp. Oh, well; at least I learned a bit more about how timezones work in Linux.

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