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Pete Returns and Visits CES 2008

My long silence here was because I spent most of the past two years working for NVIDIA, as a technical marketing manager for workstation products. Aside from making me busy as heck, there weren’t many topics I wanted to talk about that didn’t have some relation to what the company was involved in.

With my new-found freedom, however, I attended CES for the first time, and managed to see most of the show. Call me crazy, but it needs to be about a day and a half longer in order to see everything!

There were lots of cool technologies and trends that I’ll be talking about here—and unfortunately very little increase in interoperability and integration across all the different segments of technology at the show.

For my initial take on CES 2008, you can listen to my first-ever appearance as a guest on an FM radio show—the January 12th broadcast of GeekSpeak on KUSP.

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