Undercover Boss: Understanding the Mood

Upon watching the teaser, I was apprehensive about watching Friday’s episode of Undercover Boss, as it hit a bit too close to home. So I watched the beginning, found Mr. Abony to be interesting, humble, […]

I Learned About Design From That: Locked Myself Out of the Office

“Simplicate. Then add lightness.” —Colin Chapman “Everything should be made as simple as it can be, but no simpler.” –Einstein (paraphrased) Inspiration and credit for the title goes to Flying magazine and its I Learned […]

Dealing With Your Inner Absent-Minded Professor

(Not really part of my I² series, partly because today’s the wrong day of the week, and partly because I don’t yet know enough about the topic to consider the advice below all that innovative […]

Innovation Inspiration #005—Share Incomplete Work

It’s OK to be a perfectionist. But it’s not OK to not share your work until it’s perfect. The point to sharing in-progress work early is to obtain input, inspiration, and innovation that will make […]

Finally bought a SCOTTEVEST

After avoiding the inevitableness for years, I finally broke down and bought myself a SCOTTEVEST, so I can get all the gadgets I like to carry around out of my pockets and off my belt—and […]

Pete Returns and Visits CES 2008

My long silence here was because I spent most of the past two years working for NVIDIA, as a technical marketing manager for workstation products. Aside from making me busy as heck, there weren’t many […]

Mini Mine

After realizing that I needed the ability to run Mac OS X in addition to Windows XP to ensure my Web designs work across platforms, I waited patiently for Tiger to ship so that I […]

Surprising Surround

Although I can’t be sure it was anything more than just a coincidence, I installed a new NVIDIA driver today, and magically discovered 5.1 sound coming out of my home theater speakers, over the S/PDIF […]

A Pioneering Purchase

After realizing that the one home theater system I could find for less than $500 was about to disappear into the black hole of discontinued products that were well-designed but horribly marketed, I plunked down […]

Wanted: SACD and DVD-A Home Theater

After being tempted many times by the enhanced music-listening and movie-watching experience of surround sound, I’ve decided to splurge on a home theater system. For my first one, a home theater in a box (HTiB, […]