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Pardon the Dust—Switching from Blogger to WordPress

My long-term hate-hate relationship with Blogger is over.

I never really fully bought into the concept anyway; I had simply found its ability to publish to a plain-text file that I then wove into my own custom, hand-coded site design capable of meeting almost all of my needs. Until Google gradually shifted its architecture over the years into one that depended on them doing the hosting.

I will miss the ability to hand tweak every page down to the character level, completely control the content of the XHTML headers, and use content negotiation the way it is supposed to work (since not many browser vendors do it the right way, it’s a small loss). But WordPress’s architecture will allow me to publish much more quickly and regularly, and redesign the site without having to manually touch hundreds of pages each time.

So please pardon the boilerplate WordPress theme for a couple weeks, while I finish migrating the content and putting my spin on a cool theme.

During the transition, you may find any content I haven’t yet migrated at instead. As you might guess from the word I chose for the subdomain, I will use this to hold the carefully hand-coded test pages, so as to ensure that none of the customizations to the WordPress-based site will affect the tests.

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