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Innovation Inspiration #024—Soak Until You Wrinkle

I can’t emphasize the benefits of a nice soak in the tub enough. As I described in I² #023, it has become one of my key tools for creativity.

(On a side note, I have The Seven Day Weekend in my reading stack. I dare say it will have some insight that will further demonstrate the benefits of techniques like this that i’ve been sharing with you.)

A few minutes in an inch or two of water during the weekday can help, but once a week i try to make room for greater relaxation.

There are a number of things I’m working on that could benefit from such soaking in silence, but I didn’t set out to focus on any one of these topics. That would take too much effort and detract from the relaxation.

But after 40 minutes in hot water up to my nostrils, it came to me. A sticky wicket response to an initial trademark refusal. I’m a writer, technologist, and marketeer, not an IP lawyer, so this was unchartered territory for me.

The power of the tub is best touted by the elegance of the solution it helped me find—the addition of a single word.

(Simplicity, elegance, and obviousness is likely to be my next topic here.0

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