Maniacaly Perfect Phantom

I love music. But there are three things that consistently spoil what should be an immersive experience: Distortion Minuscule sweet spots Volume controls that don’t go to 11 Number 1 is all about quality; number […]

Commentary on 7 Steps for Effective Brainstorming

In a LifeHacker post of today, xxx proposes A Seven Step Plan for Effective Brainstorming. … The substance, and rough order of this is very, very good. However, I believe “Make the problem personal” is too high on the list.

How to Win Customers With a Dab of Glue or Two

It’s known that Apple’s design teams “obsess over corners”—but that level of caring about detail need not be confined to electronics, or even excluded from disposable goods to earn a lasting bond with customers. I […]

Be Better Than Free

An interesting experience with technology over the past two days gave me some insight that will help guide you in building amazing products. The Experience My ThinkPad was running low on disk space, and I […]

Innovation Inspiration #025—Prioritize the Inflexible

Yesterday I missed the event of a lifetime—watching the Endeavor  fly across the Golden Gate Bridge, because I scheduled my day in the wrong order, and didn’t flip it around when circumstances changed. I was […]

Innovation Inspiration #024—Read 10-Year-Old Books

I had planned on not writing this post until I had finished reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, but the remarkableness of it dictated not waiting. The concept is simple—the most successful products have stood out from the […]

Innovation Inspiration #024—Soak Until You Wrinkle

I can’t emphasize the benefits of a nice soak in the tub enough. As I described in I² #023, it has become one of my key tools for creativity. (On a side note, I have […]

Innovation Inspiration #023—Bathtubs, Beer, and Brainstorming

Want to innovate? Then relax. Continuously. Deep innovation is a lifestyle, not a task. Most, but not all, things you can do to relax will help the process. A soak in a hot tub, however […]

Innovation Inspiration #022—Research Something Old

I just finished watching an incredible documentary on Netflix, about the U. S. Navy’s first submarine, the Alligator. It was commissioned by President Lincoln, and designed and built by a professor of Jules Verne (and […]

Innovation Inspiration #021—Research a Lot; Write a Little

The past few days, I’ll bet I haven’t appeared to be very productive.

But only because all the real work was going on in my head, not yet ready to travel through my fingers to the printed page.

It’s called research, and I’ll have much more to say about it a few posts down the line.