Interoperability of Phones and PDAs with the Web

I’ts Christmas day, and I’m launching a new Website designed as a catalyst to improve how cellphones, PDAs, and desktop computers work on the Web and with each other. is not only a place […]

Color-Code me Stupid

After trying in vain on three different occasions to restore color and a full-size image to my Media Center’s TV output, I finally succeeded. At first, I thought perhaps I had damaged the S-Video cable, […]

Surprising Surround

Although I can’t be sure it was anything more than just a coincidence, I installed a new NVIDIA driver today, and magically discovered 5.1 sound coming out of my home theater speakers, over the S/PDIF […]

Motorola Can’t Last

I’ve finally had it with Motorola’s cruddy charging connector. I am in Chicago this week attending a manufacturing trade show, and my cell phone battery died before noon because despite being plugged in to the […]