Who’s Zomming Who?

Don’t confuse the customer. It makes them frustrated, and likely to switch to a competitor. You’ve read my posts about how often I forget my phone, so I started looking for wireless leashes, and was all […]

Outside of the Box Defined

Facing the challenges inherent in working on something radically different, one is quite inclined to use the phrase “outside of the box”. But what is the definition of thinking/acting/inventing outside of the box? How do […]

Starbucks’ In-Store Wi-Fi Experience

There is a contagious misconception among those retailers that offer Wi-Fi to patrons. The belief is that the Wi-Fi splash screen should bombard visitors with a wide variety of content that is (mostly) irrelevant to […]

Cartoons and Junk Food—Unclear on the Concept

I read with mild amusement and strong dismay the latest tactic of the nanny-state ninnies: Study: Cartoon characters attract kids to junk food. This is particularly interesting given that I’m in the middle of reading […]