What the bleep‽ (Ludicrous Linotype Omission)

In reading about one of my favorite characters, I discovered that the very first font the interrobang had been added to was Americana. So naturally, I went looking for a digital version of the font, and […]

GMT Hasn’t been International Time Since 1971—Stop Using It!

I just updated my Windows Live profile, and was horrified to discover that Microsoft has reverted to using Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) instead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), in at least one location. Ever since […]

To Create Loyal Customers, go OCD over the UI and UX

This is not an article about the design of gadgets or computer peripherals. It is, instead, all about the forgotten items that all of us interact with on a daily basis.

Most importantly, it is aimed at brick-and-mortar business leaders and managers, and the gestation was a 10-foot tall ladder in a drive-through lane.