To Create Loyal Customers, go OCD over the UI and UX

This is not an article about the design of gadgets or computer peripherals. It is, instead, all about the forgotten items that all of us interact with on a daily basis.

Most importantly, it is aimed at brick-and-mortar business leaders and managers, and the gestation was a 10-foot tall ladder in a drive-through lane.

USPS Takes Consolidation a Bit Too Far

Making your customers feel happy and secure is important. You must evaluate whether your actions are accomplishing this at every step of each process that you have, because it doesn’t take much of a goof to give your paying customers the impression you only care about taking their money.

I ordered a small laptop accessory on eBay, and chose USPS First Class as the shipping method. Based on the shipper’s location (Connecticut), the ship date (the 17th), and the holiday falling in the middle, I expected delivery about Tuesday of this week.

However, when Thursday rolled around and I still didn’t have my item, I looked at the eBay item status, clicked on the tracking number, and was horrified to see a report of delivery on the 21st—IN MAINE!

HP=Hardly Pleasant

While attending the Intel Developer Forum at Moscone West at the beginning of the month, I spent some time looking at the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 demonstration, and talking to the Microsoft representative manning […]

A Pleasent Call From OneCall

I just had a very unusual, atypical thing happen. A customer service representative by the name of Jay called from OneCall, the company I ordered my Pioneer home theater system from, simply to find out […]