You Know You’re a Geek if…

  • You’ve upgraded your car’s rear-view mirror.
  • Your toolbelt puts Batman’s to shame.
  • Batman steals a line from the Joker when talking about you: “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”
  • Your car has more antennas than the Secret Service’s mobile command post.
  • You’re curious enough that you once left nose-prints all over the windows of the aforementioned command post.
  • The salespeople at Best Buy ask you for assistance.
  • You never get speeding tickets, because the electronics in your car overload the  radar guns.
  • All the clocks in your house show the correct time—all year long.
  • You know what PCMCIA stands for.
  • You actually miss the 1980s Japanese cars that talked to you.
  • You never get through airport security without getting the “special treatment”.
  • You’re looking forward to Internet voting, because you’ll finally be able to fix everything the politicians have fouled up.

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