Pete’s Perspective

Pete’s Perspective is a collection of my thoughts, rants, and raves on subjects ranging from computer standards, to politics, to ease-of-use in everything from everyday life to computers, to any topic where I feel an accurate analysis and portrail of the facts is missing.

002: My First Amtrak Trip
With the recent heightening of troubles for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, I thought it high-time for me to investigate the state of the railroad for myself, before passing judgment. So on the return leg of my last business trip to Anaheim, I booked passage on the Coast Starlight—and fortunately, that trip is in my past.
001: The Trouble With Em ’n En
The art of typography has been all but absent in this age of the Web, and the lack of proper usage of em and en dashes is one of the most visible signs of this decline (and of correct grammar in general). Read this and find out what the proper usage of each is—and how to properly insert the characters in Web pages.

I’m particularly proud of this article, as it was accepted published by Web Wizard Jeffrey Zeldman on A List Apart.

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