Product Reviews

Most end-users are silent sheep. Consuming and using products without voicing complaints or kudos in a place or manner that could ever change the product for the better.

This is why I blog, but blogging by itself can’t provide the level of detail and insight needed to teach companies how to improve their products. Tough-but-fair comparative reviews grounded in actual use are the single best method I’ve yet found to provide the appropriate feedback.

The reviews here will be a mixture of things I personally own and over-the-transom solicitations from others, but they will always be about things that I actually need or want to use.

If you like my approach, and are brave enough to have me test your product, please tell me about it!

2012-10-21—A Tale of Two Timers

The battle between the tape-measure timer and the Polder was over faster than a drag race.

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