There are many things that frustrate me about technology. Chief among them is how much experimentation and research one must perform in order to use modern software well. And the amount of otherwise needless information you must remember based on that research is my second-most serious gripe. I hope the tutorials I present here will save you that experimentation and research time, if not the need to remember all the things you need to know because software isn’t designed well enough.

001: Making Better PowerPoint 2003 Templates
I have been using PowerPoint since sometime shortly after I began my magazine career back the early 1990s, continually learning and trying new things. But here, nearly a decade into the 21st Century, I am amazed at how poorly people use the tool, and in particular, how poorly designed many templates are. Which, of course, is a direct result of how poorly designed PowerPoint is.
This tutorial will show you the fundamental steps you need to perform when designing your own PowerPoint templates, and give you some key tips on making your graphics look better.

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