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AT&T unWireless

I spent (wasted) part of my lunch hour today visiting the AT&T Wireless store in SF, hoping to find someone to tell me how to make my cool T68i work with e-mail. I can send SMS messages to it using their Web form, but not by e-mail. And I couldn’t send e-mail from the phone, either. The answer seemed simple—just go to their Web site, and fill out the form that will send an OTA reconfiguration message to it. “Great!”, said I, “Can we do it here, you seem to have several computers around.” AT&T rep: “Nope, we aren’t allowed to access the AT&T Wireless site from here.”

After I followed the instructions, my phone is now even more screwed up than before. First, I couldn’t even access mMode, then when I reset that, I found that I now have to switch profiles between mMode and e-mail, and my e-mail still won’t work, because now I have screwed up the password settings. This is progress?

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