Aesthetics over Information = Confusion

Last night a buddy texted an invite to dinner, but because I had been in the library earlier, I had silenced my iPhone, and didn’t notice for a while. Just how long a while was […]

Where did all the IrDA ports go?

Setting off to the East Bay for the family Easter gathering, I want to program the address into my GPS. But using the on-screen UI of this particular Garmin is painful—shouldn’t I be able to […]

When Technology Makes us Feel Incompetent

I started composing this article 15 minutes after dealing with a half-hour–long telephone meeting over the worst cellphone connection I’ve had in years. It made me feel incompetent, apologetic, and frustrated. Perhaps the most frustrating thing […]

What’s wrong with the San Mateo County OES SMS alert system

San Mateo County has this fairly useful SMS service called SMCalert, but today’s message is a great example of why government agencys need to become smarter in their use of this technology: 1 of 2 […]

Adjusting Site for iPhone Browser

I should have done this long ago, but just got the bee stuck in my bonnet. When I first decided to attempt to support desktop and handheld browsers without duplicating content or using browser sniffing, […]

AT&T Wireless 411—Text Messages Now Useless

I occasionally use the expensive 411 service from AT&TᾹmainly when I need a number quickly, and don’t have time to search for the number via WAP. It used to be that the text messages would […]