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A Leap Apart

I’ve designed a new logo for the site, and cleaned up a bunch of little things. Finally, I think the site is presentable enough to start moving the old content over.

I’m still wavering, however, on whether or not to make this site at least visible to IE and other broken browsers. I have discovered that by creating a symbolic link to any XHTML page, and giving the link an extension of .html (served with the text/html MIME type), I can make content-negotiation work properly, without having to otherwise fudge anything. Since the symlink has a smaller file size, I can configure Apache to give HTML and XHTML resources the same quality. Any browser that prefers XHTML will be given it, while all other browsers will be given XHTML and told it is HTML. This would have the undesireable side-effect of serving XHTML to Opera as HTML, but it’s not my fault Opera prefers HTML! I might wind up doing this only on selected pages of the site—those that I want to be seen by IE users—while keeping most of it conforming with the letter and spirit of the Web standards.

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