Maniacaly Perfect Phantom

I love music. But there are three things that consistently spoil what should be an immersive experience: Distortion Minuscule sweet spots Volume controls that don’t go to 11 Number 1 is all about quality; number […]

Design Rule #005—Follow the Specifications

Years ago, when I was the Technical editor of CADENCE magazine, reviewing the latest hardware and software products every month, I came to the conclusion that engineers don’t read specs. The conclusion was not based […]

Innovation Inspiration #024—Read 10-Year-Old Books

I had planned on not writing this post until I had finished reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, but the remarkableness of it dictated not waiting. The concept is simple—the most successful products have stood out from the […]

Design Rule #004—Obsess Over Tiny Corners

After a number of half-hearted attempts over the years, I’ve started running, hoping I get to the point of at least jogging through the Bay to Breakers. Of course, this means I need to find […]

Design Rule #002—Good Enough Isn’t Really Good Enough

Several years ago, one of my geek friends introduced me to the concept of “good enough” when designing software and hardware. This friend’s creations are always interesting, innovative, and reliable. Some of her code is […]

Design Problem Debugging Rule #001: Turn it Upside Down

I’m not expecting this topic to be as frequently covered as my Innovation Inspiration (I²) series, because I have found far fewer good techniques. However, this trick is so fundamental—yet often overlooked—that it deserves the […]

Innovation Inspiration #021—Research a Lot; Write a Little

The past few days, I’ll bet I haven’t appeared to be very productive.

But only because all the real work was going on in my head, not yet ready to travel through my fingers to the printed page.

It’s called research, and I’ll have much more to say about it a few posts down the line.

Innovation Inspiration #019—Talk To Eccentrics

Normally, these I² posts are about things I do to boost my creativity. But this one is about something I didn’t do, and regret, although I’m not quite sure I knew I should have done […]