Fed Up & Starting Over

I’ve finally had it with browsers that don’t follow Web specifications—especially important ones that date from 1996 and whose broken implementation prevents what should be the most important aspect of the web. Device and browser […]

DC Connector Standards

Skimming this 1998 article on in-seat power standards for airplanes will give you some understanding for why marketing types should never be allowed to make engineering decisions. The article points out the absurdity of specifying […]

Sockets Suck

I had another frustrating experience with technology yesterday. I had recently bought a Coleman Powermate PMB8110 Emergency Car Starter rechargable battery pack, which has a cigar lighter plug and socket, and built-in recharging circuitry. I […]

Iconic and Ironic

I’ve added a bunch of icons to the site. One is a “shortcut icon”, using the Windows XP icon file format, which allows for multiple icons of different sizes and color depths (including 32-bit true-color […]

Layout Tweak

I’ve made one slight change to two lines of this site’s CSS code—changed the positioning method of the content from absolute to fixed and added overflow: auto; to the main content wrapper div. Somehow, I […]

Field Day: Amateur Radio Exercise

As a new ham (licensed since February), I had my first chance to participate in a long-standing anual weekend-long summer event—The ARRL’s Field Day—a contest designed to get hams all over the USA to practice […]

GeoReferencing, Pete’s Way

I have been intrigued for quite a while by all the GeoReferencing of Web sites and blog entries that has been going on for a while, but have not managed to get my site listed […]