A Better Way to Serve XHTML Pages to IE

A while back, I thought I had come up with a clever method for serving this XHTML 1.1 site with the HTML MIME type just to broken browsers, and with the XHTML MIME type for […]

WordPress on Time

I’ve gotten WordPress installed on CADjournal.com, and have started feeling out its feature set. One of the first things I watend to configure was the time and date format for posts. I’d like to have […]

WordPress: Omitting Needed Words

OK, so the installation instructions for WordPress appear to be too skimpy in one important area: How to set up a database. The documentation assumes that the blogger is already familiar with how (and why) […]

Using WordPress for a New Site

Although I have been very happy with Blogger for use on my PetesGuide and PushBack sites, up until now, I desperately need the ability to categorize posts, and the new pricing structure of Moveable Type […]

Wideband Car Antenna Mount

Along the way of deciding to finally drill the holes and mount real antennas on my car for my ham radios, I came across an interesting NMO mount from Radial/Larsen that supports microwave frequencies. I […]

Content Negotiation for XHTML 1.0, XHTML Basic, and XHTML Mobile Profile, Part 1

I’ve researched the recomended practice for each of the document types I’d like to have my server and user agents negotiate among (desktop, pda, and mobile phone). XHTML 1.x This one is easy, since we […]

Egg Off the Wall

One of the main reasons I’m bringing this site alive again is because of my new job—editor of an online magazine—and the redesign we’re planning. Currently, just about every article on the site lives in […]

Yes, it’s an Image Map

Given that I’m such a standards zealot that I am debating to even support IE, it might surprise you to notice that the primary navigation on my site is an image map. Well, it’s true, […]