Will the Real Fire Alarm Stand Up?

A few days ago, while on my morning run, I passed a condo development just as all its fire alarms went off. (With several civilians outside wearing orange safety vests, it was apparently a planned […]

Preparedness Month: Everyday Tools for Odd Occurrances

An interesting experience earlier this after noon changed what I was going to write about for my Monday Preparedness post. My treatise on what frequencies to monitor (for hams an non-hams alike) will wait for […]

Preparedness Month: Water For a Week

I’m experimenting with themed postings for different days of the week. In honor of National Preparedness Month, and thinking it will be a good way to start off each week, I’m allocating Mondays to preparedness […]

What’s wrong with the San Mateo County OES SMS alert system

San Mateo County has this fairly useful SMS service called SMCalert, but today’s message is a great example of why government agencys need to become smarter in their use of this technology: 1 of 2 […]