Innovation Inspiration #020—Close Your Eyes

When you’re brainstorming. When you’re typing. When anyone is describing something important or difficult to you. (But not while you’re driving!) No, seriously. Research has shown that our brains can’t really multitask, and also that […]

Innovation Inspiration #019—Talk To Eccentrics

Normally, these I² posts are about things I do to boost my creativity. But this one is about something I didn’t do, and regret, although I’m not quite sure I knew I should have done […]

Innovation Inspiration #018—Read Widely

In order to be able to connect the dots between random and seemingly disconnected things—a key element of innovation—you must know at least a little about a lot of things. The single best way I […]

Innovation Infographics: Interdisciplinarity

Wired’s recent article Measuring and Visualizing Interdisciplinarity has a fascinating diagram of how various fields of medical research have merged and morphed over a span of seven years:   (It’s the Fourth, so I thought the […]

Innovation Inspiration #017—When It Can’t Be Done, Do It Anyway

There are many examples of great innovators accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

The latest one I came across is the story of Telstar—the world’s first communications satellite.

Innovation Inspiration #016—Enjoy Your Weekends

Weekends are for relaxing. It is an absolute must in order to make the next week as productive as it can be. If you feel you have to work the weekend, at least block out […]

Innovation Inspiration #014—Take a Lunch Break

And don’t eat at your desk. I’m not sure yet what length of time is ideal, and it’s probably different for everyone. But 15 minutes is too little, I’m sure. I’d like to suggest that […]

Innovation Inspiration #015—Make Something That Can Kill You

No, really. Build a submarine, a plane, or (if you’re a carpenter) a manned rocket which you will personally pilot or travel in. The concept occurred to me last week when something made me recall the CEO of the […]

Innovation Inspiration #013—Critique Something

I’ve spent a good part of my career doing product reviews and analysis in one form or another, so some of you who know me may perceive a bias towards the topic of this last […]

I Learned About Design From That: Locked Myself Out of the Office

“Simplicate. Then add lightness.” —Colin Chapman “Everything should be made as simple as it can be, but no simpler.” –Einstein (paraphrased) Inspiration and credit for the title goes to Flying magazine and its I Learned […]