Normalization of Deviance Considered Harmful

While reading Bruce Schneier’s CRYPTO-GRAM, I read a section about normalization of deviance, which referenced a horrible example of how much death and destruction can happen when people who think they’re too smart to follow rules and […]

Commentary on 7 Steps for Effective Brainstorming

In a LifeHacker post of today, xxx proposes A Seven Step Plan for Effective Brainstorming. … The substance, and rough order of this is very, very good. However, I believe “Make the problem personal” is too high on the list.

Undercover Boss: Understanding the Mood

Upon watching the teaser, I was apprehensive about watching Friday’s episode of Undercover Boss, as it hit a bit too close to home. So I watched the beginning, found Mr. Abony to be interesting, humble, […]

Undercover Boss—Rick Silva of Checkers

It’s been a full month since I saw this episode of Undercover Boss, yet Mr. Silva’s actions are still fresh in my memory. (Season 3, episode 4 on iTunes.) Though I have yet to watch […]

Book Review—The CIA’s Greatest Covert Operation

I just finished reading The CIA’s Greatest Covert Operation: Inside the Daring Mission to Recover a Nuclear-armed Soviet Sub. I found it on the new non-fiction rack at the library, and although I had followed the evolving […]

Undercover Boss = Must-See TV

When I first saw the teasers for Undercover Boss, I thought, “Great, yet another silly reality show”. But after watching several episodes, it has now become one of my favorites.

I can not over-emphasize how important watching this show is for anyone who is a CEO, wants to become one, or even manages a single employee/volunteer.