HP=Hardly Pleasant

While attending the Intel Developer Forum at Moscone West at the beginning of the month, I spent some time looking at the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 demonstration, and talking to the Microsoft representative manning […]

A Pleasent Call From OneCall

I just had a very unusual, atypical thing happen. A customer service representative by the name of Jay called from OneCall, the company I ordered my Pioneer home theater system from, simply to find out […]

Invisible Surround

I continue to be amazed by the poor documentation Pioneer provides about how to get surround sound working with sources other than DVD, DVD-A, and SACD discs. The manual suggests that you leave the stereo/surround […]

My First Surround System

OneCall had specified that delivery of my Pioneer HTIB system for today, so I was quite surprised Friday when the FedEx Express truck (the real corporate FedEx, not a Home Delivery contract driver) pulled up […]

A Pioneering Purchase

After realizing that the one home theater system I could find for less than $500 was about to disappear into the black hole of discontinued products that were well-designed but horribly marketed, I plunked down […]

Motorola Can’t Last

I’ve finally had it with Motorola’s cruddy charging connector. I am in Chicago this week attending a manufacturing trade show, and my cell phone battery died before noon because despite being plugged in to the […]

Wanted: SACD and DVD-A Home Theater

After being tempted many times by the enhanced music-listening and movie-watching experience of surround sound, I’ve decided to splurge on a home theater system. For my first one, a home theater in a box (HTiB, […]

Content Negotiation for WAP Browsers

After trying several times over the past several years to have one URL work for both desktop browsers and mobile phone browsers—using the HTTP content negotiation first defined in 1992 and again in 1997 and […]

Serving Internet Explorer XHTML, Part â…¡

After composing the excedingly long post below, I reset Opera to its default configuration of identifying itself as Internet Explorer. I discovered, to my horror, that not only did it have the magical MSIE string, […]