Keep the Focus on the Input

Software should learn to settle down and keep the focus on one thing at a time. Literally. I have a consistent problem with two applications—Evernote and Safari. Both will initially put the focus in one […]

How to make scheduling an appointment confusing

I needed to make an appointment with a government agency that gives me a choice of three different days and locations. The process seemed more straight-forward and much simpler than I expected, until I realized […]

Simplicity Through Obscurity is Bad

Making things easy is hard; it can never be said enough. However, there is a tendency by many technology developers to attempt at solving this difficult problem by hiding things. In my humble opinion, this […]

Update Day

Apparently, π day is also update day. I plugged my iPhone 4 into my laptop this morning, wanting to back it up.  iTunes  informed me that an iOS upgrade was ready. I said yes, but then […]


While researching what I was going to share with you today, I stumbled across a cool utility that is just a little bit more interesting than my original topic.

One feature found in the last couple of Windows versions that I love is how multiple application windows can be combined into one application tab on the taskbar. Grouping the related windows together makes it much easier to find something when you’re working with a few dozen things open at the same time.