The profit in designing great

I’ve been tinkering with a Ramsey 555 timer kit, refreshing my long-dormant soldering skills (not bad; first attempt passed our lab guy’s inspection) as a practice project before embarking on something more sophisticated at work. […]

Tailless Mice on Glass

I needed a new travel mouse a couple weeks back, to fill in for those times when my favorite TrackPoint isn’t quite the right tool, and to save a bit of wear-and-tear on my right […]

Simplicity Through Obscurity is Bad

Making things easy is hard; it can never be said enough. However, there is a tendency by many technology developers to attempt at solving this difficult problem by hiding things. In my humble opinion, this […]

Blackmailed Into Evernote Premium

I upgraded to Evernote premium yesterday, with very mixed emotions, but I really had no choice. Because I was blackmailed. By a good business model paired with software that does some very cool things in […]

Brilliant Technology Doesn’t Make Us Feel Stupid

I spent yesterday organizing and digitizing parts of my overflowing collection of analog media I’ve collected over the years. And I came face-to-face with many of the sad side-effects of technology-gone-wrong. Contained in those human-computer […]