Aesthetics over Information = Confusion

Last night a buddy texted an invite to dinner, but because I had been in the library earlier, I had silenced my iPhone, and didn’t notice for a while. Just how long a while was […]

Simplicity Through Obscurity is Bad

Making things easy is hard; it can never be said enough. However, there is a tendency by many technology developers to attempt at solving this difficult problem by hiding things. In my humble opinion, this […]

Multiple Identities on One Small Screen

I’m in the middle of integrating a new email address/address book/VPN/etc. into my various computing devices, and am realizing more than I did before how much the screen size of my iPhone affects how I […]

Blackmailed Into Evernote Premium

I upgraded to Evernote premium yesterday, with very mixed emotions, but I really had no choice. Because I was blackmailed. By a good business model paired with software that does some very cool things in […]

Starbucks App Critique, Part 3—Drink Builder

What I think should be the coolest feature of the Starbucks App is the most frustrating for me, and I’m guessing is also the least-used part of the program. It starts off extremely well, with […]

Starbucks App Critique, Part 2

Spending a little bit more quality time with the Starbucks App, I find other aspects of even more frustrating than those I mentioned in the previous post. The first problem I had is part bug […]

Starbucks Complicates iPhone App

I love coffee. I love my favorite Starbucks even more. A nice comfy leather couch with an AC outlet 6″ away, almost-decent Wi-Fi, an oven to heat up lots of delicious things, and one of […]

Smart Phone, Dumb Software

I’ve got my iPhone out, and the Starbucks app loading, ready to “pay” for my refill, when the phone rings. A true smartphone wouldn’t hide this app completely, and then make me relaunch it after […]