I’m Redesigning Too

With everyone else and his brother redesigning in public, I figure I might as well do the same. Please don’t adjust your dial, the design will be synchronized and harmonious again soon. It will also […]

Mobile Web Mess

I’ve configured the MIME types needed to serve pages to WAP-enabled cell-phone browsers, and started experimenting with creating mobile content for the first time. Oh, boy is this frustrating. Not only are the capabilities of […]

Hiding Extensions from URLs

Once I had finished getting the MIME type modified on-the-fly, I remembered Tim Berners-Lee’s description of Cool URIs, advising authors to leave out tons of things from URIs, including file extensions. So I added the […]

xhtml 1.1 MIME type solution

Inspired by a recent posting on diveintomark, I redoubled my efforts to make this site use XHTML 1.1 properly, even including serving it as application/xhtml+xml, which makes content unreachable by IE. When querried, Mark said […]