Commentary on 7 Steps for Effective Brainstorming

In a LifeHacker post of today, xxx proposes A Seven Step Plan for Effective Brainstorming. … The substance, and rough order of this is very, very good. However, I believe “Make the problem personal” is too high on the list.

How to Win Customers With a Dab of Glue or Two

It’s known that Apple’s design teams “obsess over corners”—but that level of caring about detail need not be confined to electronics, or even excluded from disposable goods to earn a lasting bond with customers. I […]

Taped-Up Security

Twice in the past seven days—in the same coffee shop—I have seen two different road warriors plugging away at their notebooks. With their RSA security tokens blatantly taped to their laptop lids. The first time […]

To Create Loyal Customers, go OCD over the UI and UX

This is not an article about the design of gadgets or computer peripherals. It is, instead, all about the forgotten items that all of us interact with on a daily basis.

Most importantly, it is aimed at brick-and-mortar business leaders and managers, and the gestation was a 10-foot tall ladder in a drive-through lane.

Undercover Boss: Understanding the Mood

Upon watching the teaser, I was apprehensive about watching Friday’s episode of Undercover Boss, as it hit a bit too close to home. So I watched the beginning, found Mr. Abony to be interesting, humble, […]

Be Better Than Free

An interesting experience with technology over the past two days gave me some insight that will help guide you in building amazing products. The Experience My ThinkPad was running low on disk space, and I […]

Undercover Boss—Rick Silva of Checkers

It’s been a full month since I saw this episode of Undercover Boss, yet Mr. Silva’s actions are still fresh in my memory. (Season 3, episode 4 on iTunes.) Though I have yet to watch […]

Innovation Inspiration #025—Prioritize the Inflexible

Yesterday I missed the event of a lifetime—watching the Endeavor  fly across the Golden Gate Bridge, because I scheduled my day in the wrong order, and didn’t flip it around when circumstances changed. I was […]

Polish, Perfectionism, and Presentations

Earlier in my career, I obsessed over small, seemingly insignificant details, because I thought they were important. Some were frustrated by this, and I know at times I took the process to extremes. But now […]